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     Rather than being a one-stop shop for everything, I've chosen to focus on what I know best - PLUMBING!  From general maintenance to repairs and completely new installations, I will work intelligently to come up with the optimal solution and then execute it perfectly.  If you've dealt with other Greensburg Plumbing Contractors that think about their bottom line, rather than fixing your issue, then maybe it's time to give me a call.

Attractive Pricing:  

     For many, plumbing problems seem to always come at the wrong time, when money is at its tightest.  I understand that an emergency expense can be difficult.  As such, my rates are designed to be affordable, competitive and fair.

Impressive Knowledge:  

     When dealing with Mattes Plumbing, you'll be surprised at just how much I know about plumbing.  With years under my belt I have been through nearly every plumbing problem and I am always able to come up with an answer to even the most difficult plumbing issues.

A Professional Attitude:  

     Long term success in the highly-competitive plumbing industry demands that service providers be professional.  I care about what I am doing and make sure that my reputation for quality and standards are always held high.

Customer Service:  

     A big part of solving a plumbing problem is realizing what the customer needs.  I listen in detail to make sure the solution I am providing is the same as what my client wants and that we're on the same page before going ahead with any repairs or new installations.  Working efficiently and leaving a job site clean are ways that clients experience my high level of customer service.

Ready to take that next step?  Feel free to contact us by Phone, Text, Email or through the contact form (click the Visit us button) at any hour and I will respond as soon as possible.  Once I have finished and you're completely satisfied with a well-done job, you'll know why Mattes Plumbing is the right choice.    


We invite you to trust us...

Click on the following link to contact us. 

Or Call 412-817-3279

All of your plumbing needs fixed with 1 company:
  • Fully Licensed Master Plumber HP 4024

  • $500,000 of Insurance Coverage

  • Accredited Better Business Bureau Member

  • All Work is Guaranteed

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