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Residential and Commercial

Greensburg Plumber

Installation, Repair and Replacement

- Certified Water Heater Specialist

         Tank and Tankless Installer

- Video Sewer Inspections

- Sewer Repair and Replacement

- Faucets, Kitchen and Bathroom

- Tubs, Toilets, Showers and Sinks

- Basement Waterproofing and Sump Pumps

- Drain Pipes Cleaned (see left)

- Gas Lines Indoor Only

- Licensed Grease-X Distributer

- Call and ask about any work that you may need!



Sewer Backups and Clogged Drains

State of the art drain cleaning solutions. Electric Eels or Sewer Snakes, that will get your drain flowing.  Kinetic water rams to open that pesky sink.  For the tougher clogs, I have a Hydro Jetter to blast the sludge away.  Full color camera to view, locate and diagnose any issue.  I have the skill and knowledge to fix any drainage problem that you may have.  No hidden costs.  Fair Flat Rate Pricing.

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