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Why you should hire MATTES PLUMBING, LLC?

A Professional, Affordable and A Honest Plumber. I chose these as my slogan, because I think that they are hardest things to get in the service industry.

A Professional is someone who is highly trained, Licensed and respectful of your home and property.

Affordable does not mean cheap. Good work is never cheap, but it doesn't have to be unreasonable either. A professional plumber charges from $100/hr to $200/hr, in the Westmoreland Co. Area. My prices are flat rate so that you will get the same professional service at the same professional price as your neighbor.

A Honest Plumber. Someone who will tell you the good news with the bad news. Every plumbing call is not $500. So sometimes the right thing to do, will not make me a ton of money. But I will always do the right thing. I will treat your home as if it were my own.

I want you to help me grow my business. The only way that I can achieve that goal, is by giving you A Professional, Affordable and Honest Service, with a price to match.

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